JEFF WATERS publishes first public announcement about AMERIKAN KAOS

On April 23rd we finally got the official announcement from JEFF WATERS himself about AMERIKAN KAOS:


Annihilator’s JEFF WATERS has 3 new records coming for you.

“After 35 years of (17) ANNIHILATOR studio records, I finally get to start rolling out 3 solo records, to get out some of that Rock n’ Roll in me!

Yup: 3 records coming. Different styles, players, singers, productions, etc. If ya don’t like one, you might like another!

Check back here, later this week, for the link to AMERIKAN KAOS music and all about it!

For those who curious about the context of the name, one definition/meaning of “Amerika” is in reference to all the America’s: North, South and Central America… just like this diverse, musical chaos, people! AMERIKAN KAOS is born!”

Signed, Jeff Waters (Amerikan Kaos, Annihilator)



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