ROCK HARD ITALY posts major feature on AMERIKAN KAOS on their website

On April 19th the Italian version of Europe’s leading Heavy Metal magazine ROCK HARD published a major interview with Jeff Waters in their online edition, focusing on the upcoming release of ‘Armageddon Boogie’.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

“Amerikan Kaos: how, what and why?

Well, Amerikan Kaos was born out of the fact that I spent my career with, obviously, Annihilator, for many decades. 17 studio records and many other releases… and many tours.

People who follow Annihilator know that I like all types of music. I have influences from blues, punk, thrash, speed, heavy metal. To pop, classical and jazz music. I’ve tried to do everything I can with Annihilator’s music, but there’s always been a certain limit to the area I’m in. And I’ve always known for decades that I hoped to have the opportunity to sit down and write a record for a new band, or a new project for a different kind of music. I didn’t really know what it would be. So when the world shut down, I lost a little interest in the Annihilator side of writing, and I took it as the perfect opportunity to explore my creativity and do something, finally, that allowed me to create and apply much of what I had loved and learned over the decades. That is, drawing on many different musical styles than I’m known for, different studio production/technical ideas (sound engineering, production, mixing…) and having fun making great music, with some great talents and people involved.”

You can read the full article here:

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