JEFF WATERS ‘Talk Pt. 2’ video about the selection of musicians performing on “Armageddon Boogie”

AMERIKAN KAOS ‘Armageddon Boogie’ is the first part in a new Trilogy recorded by ANNIHILATOR’s Jeff Waters.

In this 2nd casual video Jeff talks about:

– Why does this project not sound a lot like ANNIHILATOR?

– What’s so cool about Jeff’s own recording studio?

– How did the songwriting for “Armageddon Boogie” come about?

– The process behind picking drummer Brian Tichy

– How did producer Mike Fraser become involved?

– How did Jeff pick the particular sound on “Armageddon Boogie”?

– What was the process in coming up with vocalist Chandler Mogel?

– Who is doing back-up vocals on the first album?

– Who is Bob Katsionis?


If you watch this video you will have better understanding of what AMERIKAN KAOS is all about – and what to expect on the upcoming next 2 albums, to be released in 2025 and 2026, respectively.

Check back in a couple of days for more of ‘JEFF TALKS’!

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