ROCK HARD GREECE posts major feature on AMERIKAN KAOS on their website

In April the Greek version of Europe’s leading Heavy Metal magazine ROCK HARD published a major interview with Jeff Waters in their online edition, focusing on the upcoming release of ‘Armageddon Boogie’.


Here’s a (translated) excerpt from the article:


“It is a great honor and pleasure that the first release of the record company of the international Rock Hard, is the first solo album of Jeff Waters, leader of ANNHILATOR, with the group he calls AMERIKAN KAOS and has the title “Armageddon boogie”.

Our own Bob Katsionis is on keyboards, Brian Tichy (DEAD DAISIES, WHITESNAKE etc.) on drums and Chandler Mogel (OUTLOUD) on vocals.

This is the first part of a trilogy that will be released over the next two years exclusively through Rock Hard, with each album having a different musical style.

This album, in fact, is also the soundtrack of the extremely interesting video game, Rock Kommander, where the “protagonist” is himself!!!

Jeff Waters, in a great mood, answered within 45 minutes all the questions regarding his solo project and answered all our questions.

Those who want to buy “Armageddon boogie”, can do so EXCLUSIVELY at the link below, for Greece (and several other European countries, where Rock Hard exists).


We’re here to talk about the first album on Rock Hard’s ‘record label’, which is the ‘Armageddon Boogie’ of your solo band, AMERIKAN KAOS.

How did the idea for this project come about?

When we had the lockdowns, in 2020, I was confined to England, where I live, and I thought it would be a very good idea to use my studio to create music. I didn’t know if I would do a project or a record, I just wanted to write songs. What I needed was to identify what music I would play, who would be involved and I ended up doing what we would call a solo project. I didn’t want something in the thrash metal style of ANNIHILATOR, but something different, softer, more melodic metal, hard rock.

I always listened to a lot of VAN HALEN, but by that time Eddie Van Halen had also died and I was listening even more, as well as AC/DC. So I went back to my youth after having the chance to listen to a lot more music during the lockdown.

So I said to do a hard rock project, to have the VAN HALEN vibe. I wanted to do something that I could have fun with, but take seriously. I didn’t want something cheap and low budget, since I have my own studio and it was much easier. Even nowadays, to achieve something that sounds really good, you need a lot of money. That problem was already solved, then. On drums, I wanted someone really good, to have a Dream Team. I wanted someone like Alex Van Halen, but I couldn’t have him (laughs). So I ended up with Brian Tichy, who has played with huge musicians and groups, such as Billy Idol, WHITESNAKE, DEAD DAISIES and many other acts….”


You can read the full article


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