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Jeff Waters, known for Annihilator, created Amerikan Kaos, drawing from a broad spectrum of musical influences. He used this project to step beyond Annihilator’s typical style, planning a trilogy that traverses various genres. “Armageddon Boogie,” the first release, showcases a blend of heavy metal and hard rock, influenced by Van Halen and the Rolling Stones. Key collaborators include drummer Brian Tichy and vocalist Chandler Mogel, who contribute dynamic drumming and bluesy vocals, respectively. This album signifies Waters’ adventurous foray into diverse musical landscapes.

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Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Jeff Waters

Drums engineered by Mike Fraser for Fraser Productions

Assistant Engineer to Mike Fraser: Ricardo Germain

Additional drum editing by Dominick Civiero

Jessie Wagner’s vocals engineered by Tommy Kessler


Recorded at Watersound Studios UK, Durham, UK


Additional recording:

Drums: Armoury Studios, Vancouver

Jessie Wagner’s Vocals: Tommy Kessler’s NYC Studio

Keys and Piano: Sound Symmetry Studio, Athens, Greece

Marc Lafrance’s Vocals: Delinquent Studio, North Vancouver, Canada





Jeff Waters:  All Guitars and Bass, Backing Vocals

Chandler Mogel: Lead Vocals

Brian Tichy: Drums

Bob Katsionis: Keys and Piano:

Marc LaFrance: Backing Vocals


Jessie Wagner: Backing Vocals on “Wait For Me (In Heaven)” and “My Little Devil”

Ruby Ward: Backing Vocals on “The Pasadena Four”, “Pull The Wool” and “Make Believe”


Produced by Jeff Waters

Mixed by Jeff Waters at Watersound Studios UK, Durham, UK

Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, Nashville, USA

Executive Producer: Angie Waters


Cover Concept by Jeff Waters & Gyula Havancsak

Cover/Booklet Design & Illustrations by Gyula Havancsak

See more of Gyula’s incredible work at


ALL SONGS (music, lyrics, melodies)


Turner & Robbie Bachman)

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