armageddon boogie
credits and lyrics



let me take you way back, let me tell you a little story now

this girl’s on fire, she’s my little devil

i turned the corner and much to my surprise

i wasn’t ready to see

a five-foot, 3-inch sexy little thing

don’t know what happened to me  

she’s too hot to handle

brings out the devil in me

but that little woman, she’s what I need

just like a black cat, purring, on the prowl

she knows exactly what she needs

her blue eyes put the target in her sights

she’s on the hunt for me

she’s too hot to handle

brings out the devil in me

but my little woman brings me to my knees

she dance with the devil

you just gotta believe

oh Lord, have mercy, she’s what I need

she took me away to a place that i’ve never been

and after all the years gone by, she’s my everything

yes, she is




born in california, in 73

rockin every club and backyard party

a new type of music, a brand-new sound

by 1978, they were the hottest thing around

unlock the door, for the pasadena four

foot to the floor, here come the pasadena four

david lee and mike anthony, I want my 1984

alex and eddie, good god, just bring em back for more

guitars from outer space, grooving drums and bass

the best frontman in town, to put you in your place

one by one, another perfect ten

load out the trucks and do it all over again

no one had that attitude or that style

they gave us everything they got and served it with a smile

the impact and influence, you can’t deny

four kids from pasadena, thank you for the ride




we rented a truck and a semi to go

travelled down the long and the winding road

look on the map, i think we’ve been there before

close up the doors and let’s roll once more

cop’s on the corner, he’s starting to write

well, i don’t need no ticket so i screamed out of sight

drove so fast, that my eyes can’t see

look in the mirror, is he still following me

let it roll down the highway

look at the sign, we’re in the wrong place

move out boys and let’s get ready to race

four fifty-four’s coming over the hill

the man on patrol is gonna give us a bill

the time’s real short, you know the distance is long

i’d like to have a jet but, no, it’s not in the song

climb back in the cab, cross your fingers for luck

we gotta keep moving if we’re going to make a buck




i miss the rhythm of your heartbeat, your body lying next to me

we made a promise to each other, forever, til the end of time

but now you’re gone and left this world behind

will you wait for me in heaven

i need to wash my sins away and pray for another day,

to come to you

i don’t know how to live without you

so, baby, please give me a sign and (just) tell me when it’s time

to come to you

please god forgive me, i need to take away the pain

cause there’s nothing left, if i can’t see my love again

i hear a voice, it tells me it’s ok

take my hand and we can fly away




i’m  getting sick and tired, all the bloody attacks

look out, i’m coming for you, like a train tearin’ up the tracks

c’mon and show me what you got, put your money where your mouth is

you better run, you better hide, you’ll never get to me

i’ll never give up, i’ll never stop, you’re a nobody

you mean nothin to me

try getting off your ass, you lazy little son of a bitch

you wanna run me down, i’ll drive you right in the ditch

slander and defamation, nothin but a stab in the back

here we go again, did you really think you were gonna get away with all the lies and hate

you picked the wrong one to mess with, this time

now you know what i’m talkin about, how does it feel to be you

about time you paid the price for the shit you put me through

so long, i wish you well, well, not really, go to hell




Ok, so what do these idiots think they’re doing to us right now, they’re gonna get us all blown to

smithereens, so get ready to dance, everybody

information overload, i don’t know what to believe, armageddon

the media, talking heads, clowns on the tv, blah blah blah

crooked politicians, y’all just make me ill

don’t pass go, go to jail or take a poison pill

everything is spinning, we all go round and round

the armageddon boogie, it’s the hottest thing in town

a new beginning, a brand-new sound

the armageddon boogie, it’s the hottest dance around

c’mon, dance with me baby

playing us, you’ve had your fun, i hope you’re feeling proud, well, you shouldn’t be

telling lies and pushing fear but parties are allowed, say what

swing it out, just like that

create division and lock us down, you fill us up with rage

you bit the hand that fed you, now you’re the one off to the cage, lookout

a brand-new sound, this is the hottest thing in town, baby, the armageddon boogie

you politicians make me sick, you know what, yer fired, gone, bye

go, ya, that’s right, boogie, get up, get up




i live in a world, most everyone’s crazy

i try to stay inside, so nothing can phase me

i used to watch the news and read the paper, but there’s no rhyme or reason

much of what they tell you are lies

pull the wool right over your eyes

they try to get ya to believe the lies

a sheep’s clothing is a wolf’s disguise

they’ll pull the wool right over your eyes

i try to get out in the morning and make my way back home by noon

my friends’ will tell me i’m a reclus, but i don’t believe in what they do

you’re going down, so down, there’s nothing you can do about it

you’re going down, all the way down

we’ve always known you’re full of shit

let me see those hands in the air, everybody shout, shout it out

so you’re sick of this shit, do the harlem shuffle, ya, do the shuffle, had to do that

now the grand illusion’s over, for at least another day

returned the power to the people and took the crooks away

they don’t care about the people, we got our lives to live and we don’t have time to put up with

your lies and deception, we’re back in the saddle again, momma




she’s so good, i’m so bad, my little woman, she’ll drive you mad

i’m heading up, she’s goin down, the rumour’s out, it’s all over town

i drink whiskey, she like wine, i never had me a better time

i think once, she’ll think twice, i don’t care if i pay the price

i don’t know how she did it to me, she brought me down on my knees

i don’t care where the lady come from, as long as she’s cumin for me

you’re so right  and so wrong

this is a love song

you are the light, where I belong

this is our love song

i like it fast, she like it slow

she do it better than anyone i know 

she’s so cold, i‘m so hot

i give that woman everything i got

i shoot straight, she go wide

it takes a lot to get inside

i go high, she go low

my little gamble, i love you so




i’ve been caged like an animal

hiding out for years

obeyed em like a well-trained dog

to live in fear

lock em up and throw away the key

you gotta listen to me

don’t fall for the same old bullshit

the truth will set you free

all the hate and confusion

they try to make you believe

they create an illusion

it’s all make-believe

no more lies, enough is enough

 for good reason

you need to pay for your sins

for your treason




there’s nothin you can do about it, nothing at all

you know that you can’t control it, we’re at the beck and call

let it go, let it roll off your back

let it go, cause you’ve got the knack

let it go, we’re just along for the ride

we only got one life give it everything you got

(so live it)

another hit, just try to relax and take it all in stride

step back and go with the flow, just go with the tide

scream it out in anger and set it free

just do the best you can and let it be

scream it out in anger, you’ve gotta listen to me

try to do the best you can, let it be

life ain’t fair but it’s ok, we’re gonna survive

don’t forget to do what you can, it’s good to be alive


Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Jeff Waters

Drums engineered by Mike Fraser for Fraser Productions

Assistant Engineer to Mike Fraser: Ricardo Germain

Additional drum editing by Dominick Civiero

Jessie Wagner’s vocals engineered by Tommy Kessler


Recorded at Watersound Studios UK, Durham, UK



Additional recording:

Drums: Armoury Studios, Vancouver

Jessie Wagner’s Vocals: Tommy Kessler’s NYC Studio

Keys and Piano: Sound Symmetry Studio, Athens, Greece

Marc Lafrance’s Vocals: Delinquent Studio, North Vancouver, Canada






Jeff Waters:  All Guitars and Bass, Backing Vocals

Chandler Mogel: Lead Vocals

Brian Tichy: Drums

Bob Katsionis: Keys and Piano:

Marc LaFrance: Backing Vocals


Jessie Wagner: Backing Vocals on “Wait For Me (In Heaven)” and “My Little Devil”

Ruby Ward: Backing Vocals on “The Pasadena Four”, “Pull The Wool” and “Make Believe”



Produced by Jeff Waters

Mixed by Jeff Waters at Watersound Studios UK, Durham, UK

Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, Nashville, USA

Executive Producer: Angie Waters


Cover Concept by Jeff Waters & Gyula Havancsak

Cover/Booklet Design & Illustrations by Gyula Havancsak

See more of Gyula’s incredible work at


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