Armageddon Boogie

We are onto track 6, the title track!

Armageddon Boogie.

Now that one has a nice drum shuffle to it, like Pasadena 4… which … you know… didn’t start with Alex Van Halen but sure became popular with Hot for Teacher!

That shuffle drum groove makes it another “fun” sounding song but this one has quite a serious subject … just delivered in a fun way!

Essentially, during the “time off” we had all over the world in 2020… I saw a lot on TV here in the UK certain high-ups “mouthing off” to other world leaders, almost without a care. The leaders of the world need to be more careful sometimes with what they say. Because it just takes that one crazy person who isn’t thinking correctly to take you seriously with your criticisms. Leaders can push other leaders too far and in these new days of Hypersonic Nuclear weapons, leaders need to be very careful with their political rhetoric. We saw some leaders put the world in jeopardy with their careless use of their language.

If they want to dance “The Armageddon Boogie” and poke the bear, then they need to get ready … we may all suffer the consequences.




Ok, so what do these idiots think they’re doing to us

right now, they’re gonna get us all blown to

smithereens, so get ready to dance, everybody

information overload, i don’t know

what to believe, armageddon

the media, talking heads, clowns on the tv, blah blah blah

crooked politicians, y’all just make me ill

don’t pass go, go to jail or take a poison pill

everything is spinning, we all go round and round

the armageddon boogie, it’s the hottest thing in town

a new beginning, a brand-new sound

the armageddon boogie, it’s the hottest dance around

c’mon, dance with me baby

playing us, you’ve had your fun, i hope you’re

feeling proud, well, you shouldn’t be

telling lies and pushing fear but parties are allowed, say what

swing it out, just like that

create division and lock us down, you fill us up with rage

you bit the hand that fed you, now you’re

the one off to the cage, lookout

a brand-new sound, this is the hottest thing in

town, baby, the armageddon boogie

you politicians make me sick, you know

what, yer fired, gone, bye

go, ya, that’s right, boogie, get up, get up


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