Let It Go

Let it Go

The last song on Armageddon Boogie.

This is a strange one, it’s my least favourite track. Yet has been really popular with everyone who hears it! So I guess I’m starting to see it as deserving of being on here.

This one is about how life ain’t fair … just relax and take it in your stride.

I think during and after 2020, I got to take stock of things and deal with some business and health things I had been putting off. Although I haven’t worked it all out yet, I didn’t realise how much I needed to just relax in certain areas of my life and take care of health and business.

Life isn’t fair. We all get hit with illness, personal tragedies and hard times. But we need to be a little more positive about the good things. And just let the harder times “roll off” when we can… we will ALWAYS have lows, so enjoy the highs!

Whatever negative stuff is causing you grief or stress, it’s just a little speck in this whole big picture … you’ve got to learn to deal with it and let it go.

Whatever it is, you will have to let it go, eventually.

I wrote a similar song back in 1993 on an Annihilator album, the song was Sounds Good to Me. For some people it helped them calm down and get through tough times.

It’s a feelgood song and I hope you like it.




there’s nothin you can do about it, nothing at all

you know that you can’t control it, 

we’re at the beck and call

let it go, let it roll off your back

let it go, cause you’ve got the knack

let it go, we’re just along for the ride

we only got one life give it everything you got

(so live it)

another hit, just try to relax and take it all in stride

step back and go with the flow, just go with the tide

scream it out in anger and set it free

just do the best you can and let it be

scream it out in anger, you’ve gotta listen to me

try to do the best you can, let it be

life ain’t fair but it’s ok, we’re gonna survive

don’t forget to do what you can, it’s good to be alive


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