Make Believe

Alright, the song Make Believe.

This is kind of an aggressive pop/rock tune … kind of like Foo Fighters “One By One” slowed down with a shuffle groove. I like the way Dave Grohl used just one chord over and over, I like the simplicity of that song. But he did that “one chord pop/aggression” thing so I thought what if add a shuffle and slow it down. I think it worked pretty well.

Lyrically, I would say these leans a little bit into that Pull the Wool vibe but it’s less political and more media based. It was written during that lock down time, and I was noticing a lot of things that just didn’t make sense. But, like a lot of other people, couldn’t say anything for fear for being socially attacked for simply questioning anything. (It was also interesting to watch some pretty well-known musicians make asses of themselves by attacking others online… and then to watch as their careers faded quick)

This is my kind of suggestion to look to see what is real and what’s not.

And for the ones that are and were using our hard times and lives for their own personal gain, it also has some lines in there for them! Lock them up and throw away the key. We put our trust in a lot of people and a lot of people misused that trust.






i’ve been caged like an animal

hiding out for years

obeyed em like a well-trained dog

to live in fear



lock em up and throw away the key

you gotta listen to me

don’t fall for the same old bullshit

the truth will set you free



all the hate and confusion

they try to make you believe

they create an illusion

it’s all make-believe



no more lies, enough is enough

 for good reason

you need to pay for your sins

for your treason




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