my little devil

The first track! My Little Devil.

There is an obvious “nod” to ACDC and the Stones. There is a definite Hells Bells vibe going on in the music part in the beginning and, somehow, it then kind of transitions into a Rolling Stones vibe!

I also love the vocals on this one. Chandler has such a nice, gospel/rock feel on this, while Marc and Jessie each put the icing on the cake with their unique backing vocals.

The song is about how I met my wife and how I had been living most of my life, just to get to the point of meeting her.

This tune seems to be the most popular song from everyone who’s listened to the album, so far…

And I think that is also probably my favourite song on the record, too!





let me take you way back, let me tell you a little story now

this girl’s on fire, she’s my little devil


i turned the corner and much to my surprise

i wasn’t ready to see

a five-foot, 3-inch sexy little thing

don’t know what happened to me  


she’s too hot to handle

brings out the devil in me

but that little woman, she’s what I need


just like a black cat, purring, on the prowl

she knows exactly what she needs

her blue eyes put the target in her sights

she’s on the hunt for me


she’s too hot to handle

brings out the devil in me

but my little woman brings me to my knees


she dance with the devil

you just gotta believe

oh Lord, have mercy, she’s what I need


she took me away to a place that i’ve never been

and after all the years gone by, she’s my everything

yes, she is



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