Into track 5… a bit of hard rock, to wake everybody up… I believe, on the vinyl version of ARMAGEDDON BOOGIE, this will be the last song on side A.

I wrote this one about a few people that have, basically, either taken advantage of me, money, my hard work… and some have even resorted to blackmail/extortion and threats. This is the price of being in the public eye, working with many people and having some forms of success… I pity the REALLY big artists! Yes, that does happen in this business, especially when you manage and run a band yourself and do a lot of your own work and hiring and negotiations. And if people don’t do their job you have to let them go, and no one likes to be told that. Some people have the dignity to learn from it…some don’t…they just show their true selves!

There also people in your personal life who try to manipulate you to get what they want, and they lie to you and themselves.

So that’s what this song is about, it’s simply about how a few people have tried that with me in the past and I’ve fought back and it is NOT stopped me.

Don’t let anyone stop you. You’ve got to stand up for what you believe in!




i’m  getting sick and tired, all the bloody attacks

look out, i’m coming for you, like a train tearin’ up the tracks

c’mon and show me what you got, 

put your money where your mouth is

you better run, you better hide, you’ll never get to me

i’ll never give up, i’ll never stop, you’re a nobody

you mean nothin to me

try getting off your ass, you lazy little son of a bitch

you wanna run me down, i’ll drive you right in the ditch

slander and defamation, nothin but a stab in the back

here we go again, did you really think you were

gonna get away with all the lies and hate

you picked the wrong one to mess with, this time

now you know what i’m talkin about, how does it feel to be you

about time you paid the price for the shit you put me through

so long, i wish you well, well, not really, go to hell


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