Our Love Song

Track 8, Our Love Song.

I wrote this one, just like My Little Devil, about my wife!

She is a great inspiration, and it was sort of a tongue in cheek, cheesy & fun song.

It’s got a bit of Kiss “I Wanna Rock n Roll all Night” meets a bit of Bon Jovi “You Give Love A Bad Name”. And in fact, that what the working title of this song was, KissJovi!

Chandler did a great job to make this a little bit Gospel; a little Rock N Roll … yeah, it was a fun one to do! And the first time I’ve had a Kiss / Jovi vibe going on … and of course a great subject to write about once again: A Hot Lady, who happens to me mine!




she’s so good, i’m so bad, my little woman,

 she’ll drive you mad

i’m heading up, she’s goin down, the 

rumour’s out, it’s all over town

i drink whiskey, she like wine, i never had me a better time

i think once, she’ll think twice, i don’t care if i pay the price

i don’t know how she did it to me, she 

brought me down on my knees

i don’t care where the lady come from,

as long as she’s cumin for me

you’re so right  and so wrong

this is a love song

you are the light, where I belong

this is our love song

i like it fast, she like it slow

she do it better than anyone i know 

she’s so cold, i‘m so hot

i give that woman everything i got

i shoot straight, she go wide

it takes a lot to get inside

i go high, she go low

my little gamble, i love you so


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