pull the wool

Track 7, Pull the Wool.

Musically it’s kind of neat how this one starts. It’s just Chandler and one guitar quietly going on…kind of an 80’s California vibe almost.

It was written during a time when a lot of people were locked down and locked in!

It sort of follows a story of someone who doesn’t want to go outside during this time for fear of the crazy way many people are acting.

The person is talking about how the media has changed, how there seem to be more lies and opinions and agendas being pushed, than actual unbiased, professional journalism.

They see how the media is trying to “pull the wool” over our eyes.

It’s a self-explanatory song … what I hope you get out of it is to “use your common sense”. If what you’re hearing doesn’t seem right, investigate, and use common sense. There is a lot of information out there … just use common sense.

Oh, and to rock out!




i live in a world, most everyone’s crazy

i try to stay inside, so nothing can phase me

i used to watch the news and read the paper,

but there’s no rhyme or reason

much of what they tell you are lies

pull the wool right over your eyes

they try to get ya to believe the lies

a sheep’s clothing is a wolf’s disguise

they’ll pull the wool right over your eyes

i try to get out in the morning and make my

way back home by noon

my friends’ will tell me i’m a reclus, but i don’t

believe in what they do

you’re going down, so down, there’s nothing

you can do about it

you’re going down, all the way down

we’ve always known you’re full of shit

let me see those hands in the air, everybody shout,

shout it out so you’re sick of this shit, do the

 harlem shuffle, ya, do the shuffle, had to do that

they don’t care about the people, we got our

 lives to live and we don’t have time to 

put up with your lies and deception, 

we’re back in the saddle again, momma

now the grand illusion’s over, for at least another day

returned the power to the people and took the crooks away


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