the pasadena four

Now the second track on the record is my obvious Van Halen tribute song!

It’s a Van Halen tribute to the 73 -84 David Lee Roth fronted era. Van Halen, the band, was born in California, around 73, playing all the backyard parties and getting together, becoming a real band!

Those 4 guys together were just legendary. A lot of today’s younger crowd doesn’t understand the impact that all 4 of them had on music in general. And you know there have been a lot of Eddie Van Halen tributes, and I’m not the only one who holds him as their favorite guitar player in history, but this song is about the 4 of them, together; as an unstoppable team.

It was cool having my stepdaughter, Ruby, singing some backup vocals on this one too! I wanted a kind of “Brick in the Wall/Pink Floyd” thing going on… so you will hear that type of UK-accented singing in the back! I really had fun setting up my guitar sound on this one, and a few others, in the EVH-style of old but with some Hagar-era doubling of the rhythm guitar with delays, chorus, and mic technique. I used a pair of Wizard amps through EVH cabs, to get most of this record’s sounds on rhythm guitar. It’s me doing my best Eddie rhythm and lead vibe, with a bit of my own style in there!

But this song is my “Thank You” for what those original 4 Van Halen guys did for music!






born in california, in 73

rockin every club and backyard party

a new type of music, a brand-new sound

by 1978, they were the hottest thing around



unlock the door, for the pasadena four

foot to the floor, here come the pasadena four



david lee and mike anthony, I want my 1984

alex and eddie, good god, just bring em back for more



guitars from outer space, grooving drums and bass

the best frontman in town, to put you in your place

one by one, another perfect ten

load out the trucks and do it all over again



no one had that attitude or that style

they gave us everything they got and served it with a smile

the impact and influence, you can’t deny

four kids from pasadena, thank you for the ride



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