wait for me (in heaven)

Next track is called Wait for Me (In Heaven) … and that is kind of a tear jerker-type ballad, for me. I like writing ballads, sometimes I’m pretty good at it, sometimes I’m not but this time I felt it was a good theme. I really liked it; it was essentially in my mind when I wrote it about someone who was living a bit of a rough life, then they met their angel, or their life partner and that partner died in this song. The person is devastated and contemplating suicide as the only way to be with their loved one…they’re kind of fighting and struggling to stay alive when all they really want is to die, in hopes that there’s a way they can go and be with that person again.

They then realise that maybe they won’t get “into the Gates of Heaven” by committing suicide and because of the life they led … so they won’t end up with their loved one. Do they, do it? Do they stay here on Earth and meet their loved-one in dreams and live life to the fullest … or do they end it with hopes of the reunion, but there is no life after death? You listen and make up your mind. Interpret it as you want, but I know what the real ending is! It is a pretty emotional and sad song.

A true love song.





i miss the rhythm of your heartbeat, your

body lying next to me

we made a promise to each other, forever, til the end of time

but now you’re gone and left this world behind

will you wait for me in heaven

i need to wash my sins away and pray for another day,

to come to you

i don’t know how to live without you

so, baby, please give me a sign and (just)

 tell me when it’s time to come to you

please god forgive me, i need to take away the pain

cause there’s nothing left, if i can’t see my love again

i hear a voice, it tells me it’s ok

take my hand and we can fly away


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